Vampire: The Masquerade revival on the horizon? Paradox Interactive buys White Wolf

White Wolf is back in a big way.

Shams Jorjani, a representative of Paradox Interactive, made an exciting tweet today:

To RPG fanatics, White Wolf Publishing needs no introduction. Although the company's claim to fame is through their countless tabletop games that have managed to rival Dungeons and Dragons in popularity, it is their video games that are the focus today. With Paradox Interactive at the helm, could we be seeing the revival of the cult hit Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines? And what else might be on the horizon? 

Paradox Interactive, best known for their recent success with Pillars of Eternity, but with a long, long line of games, is making a huge step in taking White Wolf from CCP Games, producers of the cult-hit MMO EVE Online. CCP had ambitious intentions when acquiring White Wolf, particularly the creation of a World of Darkness MMO, based on the tabletop of the same name. However, plans fell through in 2014, and since then, White Wolf's vast potential has been at rest.

Until now.

And this isn't just your typical corporate buyout. Not only is moving White Wolf away from CCP giving its original IPs the opportunity to live once more, but Jorjani assures us that White Wolf will be given the freedom they need to create great games: 

With White Wolf being given a new lease on life, we look forward to seeing what will come of this deal.


Published Oct. 29th 2015

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