Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine bringing interactive experience to VR

Lucasfilm continues to make progress on VR.

Lucasfilm is finally working on VR. They have revealed Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine for the HTC Vive that will allow you to wield the iconic lightsaber. Through the years, there have been many fan-made VR projects created in the hopes that Lucasfilm would pick up on the idea and create a full game based on the movies and books. Perhaps that time has finally come. 

Lucasfilm created ILMxLab with the express purpose of re-imagining storytelling through real-time media. They have been experimenting with different platforms using short experiences from Star Wars and other franchises trying to work out how best to create for the new technology. Trials of Tattoine is their most interactive short to date.

So far, Trials of Tatooine is only about ten minutes long, but they are using this to learn what works and what doesn't in hopes of one day creating full titles for everyone to enjoy. There is play review here that will give you a look at what they have done so far. And after reading the walkthrough, I am excited to see where they go from here.

Lucasfilm was invited to Sundance Film Festival to show off their augmented reality multi-user stage they call Holo-cinema. This allows multiple people to enter together with nothing more than a light weight pair of glasses on. This is just one more way that Lucasfilm is working to bring augmented reality, VR, AR, and complete interactive media to the masses.

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Published Mar. 15th 2016

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