New Sonic Forces Website Goes Live, With Teasers of Upcoming Game

Find all the latest content teasers for the upcoming game in one place, with the launch of Sega's new Sonic Forces webpage.

The next instalment in the Sonic franchise has been a long time in the making; but with a title, official news, and some fresh short teasers being revealed in the last month, fans have finally been getting some solid evidence that this game is indeed something to get excited about.

Until this morning, Japan's official Sonic Channel website simply showed a banner for Sonic Forces, starting "April 14th: video release". Now, the site is live and offers all the content that's available so far for the new game.

Upon loading the page, we're instantly greeted with the message: "Sonic Forces: Join the Resistance!" Along with the looped animated backdrop that was teased earlier this week, and has got everyone talking about a potential new character.

On scrolling down, we are treated to the 3 videos available so far, teasing various parts of the upcoming game: 

  • The existing debut trailer, previously seen following last year's Sonic 25th Anniversary Party.
  • Last month's gameplay trailer, showing a sample of the Modern Sonic gameplay.
  • A sample of the instrumental version of what will be the game's main title theme.

While there's nothing brand new content-wise as of yet, it's great to see everything that is available in one place, and on a rather snazzy web page to boot. This new section of Sega's Sonic Channel website certainly seems like the place to be for any upcoming news and teasers we'll see in relation to the long-awaited game, so be sure to keep an eye on it!

As of now, Sonic Forces is scheduled to release in Winter 2017.


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Published Dec. 14th 2020

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