Ganondorf and his new trident weapon featured in Hyrule Warriors Legends trailer

Ganondorf gets 'electrifying' new trailer featuring his new weapon; the trident!

Hyrule Warriors Legends is coming out for the 3DS in March 2016. In the period since it was first announced, there have been various updates featuring new characters and story arcs. One thing that was recently announced is the inclusion of a new weapon for Ganondorf -- the trident. Watch the trailer below to see it in action!

As you can see from the trailer it looks like the trident does quite a hefty amount of damage. It features new combos and a stunning final finishing move which can devastate a lot of enemies. Ganondorf's trident is a welcome inclusion to the weapon roster. Long-time Zelda fans will remember Ganondorf wielding a trident in some of the older Legend of Zelda titles. 

Hyrule Warriors Legends is released on January 21st 2016 in Japan and March 25th for North America and Europe.

What do you think to Ganondorf's new weapon? Let me know in the comments below!

Published Nov. 27th 2015

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