Massive Expansion Announced for Cross-Platform MMO, Villagers & Heroes

Mad Otter Games has announced a huge expansion to their free to play PC and Mobile MMORPG Villagers & Heroes

Villagers and Heroes is getting a new expansion called Starfall, which is set to revamp the game’s looting and abilities. The expansion promises to add a huge amount of to the cross-platform MMO, bringing a large variety of content alongside its changes to the game’s most important systems.

One of the largest updates in this expansion is the change to talents. All talents are passive, with each class receiving 12 talents that are grouped into 3 specializations. Previously, players leveled a talent every five levels. But with this update, they can now level the same talent with each level up. If a player completely maxes out an ability, they can then acquire a powerful ultimate. Some might be active, others are passive.

Starfall’s level cap will also raise to Lvl 90 to help players level up more talents in this mobile MMO.

Looting has completely overhauled as well, with new menus that let players know an item’s power, rarity, and possible stat boosts. Rarity is color-coded, with inferior items colored grey and legendary items colored gold. Stat boosts are also a possible drop with found items, and they'll give buffs to your stats that go beyond the general attack boost. 

One subset of items you can loot includes Runes. Runes are items that aren’t bound to a specific item, allowing you to place them onto other equipment. Some can give you an active spell, others can passively help your stats -- and some can even improve spells you have.

With all of this loot, each class will receive a new item slot: Bracers for Warriors, Knives for Hunters, Spellbooks for Wizards, and Scepters for Priest. Each player will also get two extra trinket slots for miscellaneous items to passively increase their stats as well.

 Along with all these changes to looting and leveling, this expansion adds 7 new zones' worth of content for players to explore: The Rye, Dartrey Woods, Pools of Andorra, Glendergan, Turnapin Peak, Gortin Passage, and the Zorian Marshlands. All of these zones are part of the journey to the Crux -- a mysterious place known for its ruler Queen Zoria. Little is currently known about the Crux compared to the 7 zones. Four of these zones will be launched alongside Starfall, and three of them will be released at a later date.

Due to these changes, some old items will be converted to currency or refunded to allow players to purchase newer equipment. This is only for active players, as inactive players will have their unusable equipment deleted. Players will count as active if they:

  • Have played within 7 days.
  • Have played within 14 days, and have a character level 5 or higher.
  • Have played within 60 days, and have a character level 20 or higher.
  • Have a character level 40 or higher, OR has been level 40 prior to a rebirth.

Villagers and Heroes is also bringing plenty of smaller improvements with this expansion -- like a redrawn world map, a cleaner UI for both mobile and PC, and changes to the item trade status. Players will also receive a free mount, sockets, outfit, and a Talent Reset potion. You can view all of these improvements on the game's official site.

Villagers and Heroes: Starfall is coming soon for free to PC and Android with a TBD release on iOS.


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Published Jul. 7th 2017

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