McCree takes the spotlight in the first Overwatch comic "Train Hopper"

McCree gives DC Comics' "Vigilante" a run for his money in the first of soon to be many Overwatch comics by Blizzard Entertainment

Move over Vigilante -- there's a new cowboy superhero in town, and his name is Jesse McCree! The ex-outlaw turned Blackwatch hero, Mcree, just claimed his spot in the spotlight in Overwatch's very first superhero-style comic. In it, McCree dispenses true Western-inspired justice, and where better to do it than atop a train speeding around at 640 km/h (that's 397.678 mph in American)?

They just don't make heroes like Jesse McCree anymore...

While the comic certainly is short (about 8 pages if you don't include the cover), it does give us a good look at McCree as a character, as well as some insight into a nefarious group known as Opción DOS.

For example, we know that McCree is a simple man who likes simple things... like riding a fast-moving train. He is efficient, able to take out multiple foes in a single sweep. He is straight to the point, asking the right questions to avoid hassle. And, of course, he is polite to old ladies - even in the middle of a gunfight.

Sadly, McCree is also a simple man that has very little regard for what trouble his actions might cause. While he did save everyone on the train, McCree gets blamed for the raid, and he also jettisons the cargo they were after on the grounds that the backup forces Opción DOS planned on sending would put people at risk.

Is McCree heroic? Yes. A great sharpshooter? Definitely. Sharp witted? Maybe not so much.

But hey, don't take my word for it! Check out the comic for yourself!

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Published Apr. 21st 2016

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