Nioh demo racked up 850k downloads, Team Ninja bringing QoL improvements to full game

Nioh's demo was a hit in Europe and the Americas but fell flat in Asia. Team Ninja are on the case, promising a hefty list of changes for retail release.

The Koei Tecmo's Nioh demo sneaked its way into the PlayStation Network with little fanfare, but found itself being one of the PlayStation 4's most notable demos so far this year due to its difficulty and polish -- and the full retail version is set to be even better, as developer Team Ninjaaddressed the community today with their planned quality of life improvements for the full release.

Nioh demo players were asked to fill out an online survey to get a feel for what in the game needed to be adjusted or changed and to gauge opinions and interest between regions. As of today, the results are in and public, and there is not much for most players to complain about.

Survey results

Team Ninja's survey results posts goes into player opinions and impressions in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

Surprisingly the demo was seen most favorably in the Americas, with 60% of survey takers in the region saying the overall experience was "very good". 50% of European survey takers felt the same but only 18% of survey takers in Asia rated it so highly, which based on the results appears to be due to the high difficulty.

Changes from demo to retail

One look at the above charts and you can see most players worldwide were not thrilled with the Nioh demo's UI. The UI is getting some much needed changes at release, with Team Ninja promising a better layout, more information, and a more readable text size at release.

But that may be one of the smaller changes mentioned in the survey results.

Nioh will be receiving tutorials and boss hints along with improved balance, controls and camera, an adjustment to superarmor, more exploration, and better online play -- among a whole host of other quality of life and feature changes, including the removal of durability from equipment.

While the hardcore crowd is already crying foul at the durability removal, most can agree there's not much to complain about in these changes. With Nioh's demo being such a huge success and proving to be a worthy and fair challenge for even the most battle-hardened veterans, Koei Tecmo are sure to have a hit on their hands come the game's full release later this year.

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Published Aug. 4th 2017

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