Winter is Coming - Top 10 Winter Wonderlands in Games

Mario Kart 8 - Sherbet Land

I know that this is a remake from the Gamecube era, where people rode two-seat karts to victory, but since I've never played it, I would be breaking my rules putting it in this list.

Sherbet Land is easily my favorite non-DLC race track in Mario Kart 8, and was a no-brainer to include on this list.

I've shredded this course plenty of times in online multiplayer, leaving my opponents stuck in the dust.

The fact that this course allows the player to take multiple routes has always been a plus, and the part about them being under the ice makes it even cooler. The spectacles from the graphical capabilities on the Wii U show off how gorgeous ice can look. There is nothing I don't like about this course.

Published Nov. 20th 2014

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