ESL Announces Induction Of John "TotalBiscuit" Bain Into Esports Hall Of Fame

John Bain is set to be the first non-player esports personality to be inducted into the hall of fame.

Video game YouTuber and esports personality John "TotalBiscut" Bain is being honored with a spot in the ESL Esports Hall of Fame. The gaming personality was a long-time supporter of all things esports before his passing earlier this year.

While he often covered a variety of subjects from World of Warcraft to indie titles, Bain was well known for his support of esports titles -- particularly StarCraft 2. He and his wife even formed a competitive StarCraft 2 team by the name of Axiom.

With his induction into the ESL, Bain will be the first non-player member. It's a position well-earned with his dedication to the esports scene. During his career he was not only a vocal supporter of esports, but did everything he could to help grow the scene, often appearing at events as a commentator.

He also sponsored many events and lent a hand with others in management and production.



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Published Oct. 22nd 2018

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