Tired of Trolls Ruining GTA Online?

Tired of anonymous GTA Online users ruining the only game you have time for today? It's time to have a group talk.

Studies show the flaming and trolling by anonymous users can often be modified by group behaviour.

Are you tired of the ‘bad behaviours’ of anonymous users ruining the only game of GTA Online you have time for today? You’ll want to play with primarily female gamers, who tend to play by the rules when enjoying the game solo. It’s also time to have a group chat to set a few rules for everyone playing GTA Online to follow.

A recent study of the online gaming behaviours of teenagers playing massive multiplayer online games indicates the trolling of anonymous GTA Online users can be modified by the behaviour of the group. Setting a few guidelines for everyone playing GTA Online to follow is the way to ensure you don’t waste precious time and get to play the game you love.


Researchers in China studied the gaming behaviours of over 900 hardcore gamers between the ages of 13-18, and believe the trolling, flaming and griefing of anonymous GTA Online users can be modified by group behaviour. They also found female GTA Online gamers are less likely to troll, but will do so more often when part of a group, mostly to identify with other gamers--the majority of which are male, who were found to cheat and troll more often, even when playing alone.

Researchers in China found:

“… deviant behaviors online, such as game cheating, are largely influenced by the online social groups people feel they belong to. An online group, despite its fluid, unstable and imaginary nature, is powerful in constructing and changing its members’ attitudes and views on behaviours. Hence, a behaviour that is perceived as problematic and deviant can be reconstructed with a different interpretation.”

The conclusions of this Chinese study are supported by previous findings of the SIDE Theory, which found anonymous GTA Online users need to identify with the group, and will thus conform to group behaviours more. Taking the time to talk to the group about setting some guidelines for playing GTA Online is the only way to control the bad behaviour of anonymous users. This will also ensure you get to play GTA Online the way you want to play.

The conclusions of this Chinese study certainly have implications for all gamers playing online games, not just GTA Online players. It’s particularly significant for game developers trying to keep a handle on griefing in the games they offer. An online game with persistent cheating by users will lose players and reputation, which will result in a financial setback video game developers avoid like the plague. The developers of GTA Online are currently discovering this fact and trying to take steps to correct the problem.

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Published Jan. 9th 2014

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