Guild Wars 2: The Lost Shores – Schedule and Details

November 16 sees Guild Wars 2 launching their mini-expansion, "The Lost Shores."

November 16 sees Guild Wars 2 launching their mini-expansion, "The Lost Shores."
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Love your friends? Of course you do.

Love Guild Wars 2? How could you not?

Invite your friends to play free for three days, between November 15 and November 18, as GW2 unleashes the much hyped The Lost Shores upon Tyria.

It makes sense for ArenaNet to open the world on a trial basis, as The Lost Shores is being touted as a complete game changer for the MMO. What better way to allow those who are hesitant to cough up the $60 to get a feel for the game? With this being used as a stage to show off the game, it should be a good one.The mini expansion is set to include:

  • A new race of foes, the Karka, who have ascended to Tyria from underwater depths. Defeating them is the premise of the event.
  • A new PvE condition: Agony
  • A new PvP mapTemple of the Silent Storm
  • A new dungeon: Fractals of the Mist – the farther you get into this new dungeon, the harder it gets. The kicker? You can go in as far as you can stand. It has no definite end!
  • A new map to exploreSouthsun Cove. After the event, this will be a level 80 area.
  • A new tier of gear, Ascended,which fits snugly between the established Exotic and Legendary tiers.
  • New resources and crafting recipes. 


All of this will culminate in a huge, one-time event on November 18th in Southsun Cove.

So, grab your friends, peep the schedule below, and hop into the chaos that is sure to ensue! Good luck and happy gaming!

  • November 15, 9 AM PST – Free weekend begins,

  • November 16, 12 PM PST – Defend Lion’s Arch from the treacherous Karka,

  • November 17, 12 PM PST – Retake Lion’s Arch and discover Southsun Cove,

  • November 18, 12 PM PST – “An epic one-time event.”

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