Target launches pre-orders for 3DS NFC readers

Target launches pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS NFC reader - which will allow amiibos to be used on older models of the 3DS.

Target has a listing in their online store for pre-ordering the new Nintendo 3DS NFC reader at the small price of $20. This reader will give the earlier 3DS models the ability to use amiibos. 

Nintendo 3DS models that aren't the Nintendo "New" 3DS XL don't have the ability to read the NFC devices, like amiibos when they're nearby. This new accessory will allow the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL to read these devices. The adapter is a much more wallet-friendly option than replacing your old 3DS with a new model that can detect amiibo. 

When would we use Amiibos on the 3DS?

A few games announced during E3 2015 such as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will apply the added amiibo cards for in-game content that will be locked otherwise. Since the older models of the 3DS lack the ability on their lower screen to use these amiibos, but are still able to play the 3DS game, something had to change. 

If you believe you'll need this new adapter for your Nintendo 3DS/XL, you can pre-purchase it on Target's website for $20, and it will be released September 25th. I'll personally be looking into this adapter since I have the Link Between Worlds 3DS XL edition and am a huge fan of Animal Crossing.

For more information on the new Animal Crossing spin-offs and their decision to incorporate amiibos in their new games, check out this article.

Are you guys happy about this adapter? Share your opinions below!

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Published Jun. 16th 2020

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