Koei Tecmo to reveal "top-secret" new game at upcoming E3

At E3, Koei Tecmo plans to announce a new Omega Force game. What could it be?

Koei Tecmo has a new unseen project that's going to be announced for this year's E3. The game's development team is Omega Force, known for popular series such as Dynasty Warriors and other recent Musou-style titles (e.g. Hyrule Warriors Legends). Omega Force also has several upcoming releases for 2016, including anime-based Attack on Titan and fantasy hunting-focused Toukiden 2.

As told in a press conference by Koei Tecmo America Senior Vice President and General Manager Amos Ip, there are several games lined up for this year's E3, including the upcoming Team Ninja's Nioh, and Omega Force's Attack on Titan.

Ip adds:

 "With an original IP from an extensive, all-star development team, and a Titan-sized action game based on the acclaimed anime, Koei Tecmo Games is proud to demonstrate our continued commitment to bringing top notch gaming experiences to our fans. We can’t wait for attendees to get their hands on two of this year’s biggest action titles, and we look forward to their reaction when we unveil an upcoming project that we’re incredibly excited to be working on."

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, continues its yearly tradition this year from June 14-16, 2016.

What could this new project be? Leave your comments below!


Published May. 25th 2016

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