Dying Light DLC, The Following, gets confirmed release date

Dying Light: The Following is scheduled to drop on 9th February - whilst the U.K and the rest of the world must wait until the 12th.

The long awaited and anticipated Dying Light DLC, The Following, has finally a confirmed release date and it's right around the corner!

The launch date for The Following will depend on where you live in the world. The game will be accessible for everyone, except Japan, via Steam on 9th February, with North America, South America, and Poland will getting the DLC on PS4 and Xbox One on the same day. 

Australia, New Zealand, and all of Asia will get the console release a day later on 10th February, followed by France, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg on 11th Feb. 

The U.K and the rest of the world will be made to wait until 12th Feb for their release. Japan, however, must wait until 21st April...sorry guys.

Dying Light: The Following sees protagonist Kyle Crane leave the urban sprawl of Harran for a huge, wide open landscape that is, of course, infested with bloodthirsty zombies. The map is larger than that of the original game and players will be able to utilise vehicles for the first time to get around and mow down hordes of infected.

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Published Feb. 1st 2016
  • craig_5974
    So fucked of with dying light dlc not being released in the uk till the 12th just goes to show how much the game devs appreciate the gamers in the uk boycott any future game releases from the makers of dying light UK residents your being shafted by them

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