You can now play a free multiplayer version of Apotheon

Apotheon Arena is a free standalone multiplayer game. Greek tragedy? More like Greek RAD-gedy!

The creators of Apotheon have found a really good way to advertise their game: make a completely separate, completely free multiplayer version.

Apotheon Arena is now available as an arena-style game where you get to play as a Greek warrior battling other Greek warriors. There are three modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Team Elimination. Also included are ten battle arenas and a slew of both melee and ranged weapons, including swords, axes, and exploding barrels.

It’s a little like 300 but with slightly more carnage.

The original single-player game, released early this year by Alientrap, is an indie game with art in the style of Ancient Greek pottery. You play as a Greek warrior Nikandreos who is sent on a mission from Hera to slay Zeus.

So, it’s like God of War but toned down a bit.

You can purchase Apotheon for Windows, OS X, Linux, and PS4. It’s also 75% off on Steam until Monday.

While Apotheon Arena is free for everyone, it is exclusively available on Steam.

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Published Dec. 13th 2015

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