Microsoft Announces Update Details For Xbox One

Microsoft shares the details of their upcoming updates for the Xbox One.

Microsoft has shared the details for their upcoming updates for the Xbox One. The updates are scheduled for Tuesday, February 11th and Tuesday, March 4th.

Tuesday, February 11th Update Details:

  • Ability to see and manage storage space.
  • Controller battery power indicator will be viewable on the home screen.
  • Ability to use a USB keyboard.
  • Allow users to more easily manage their download queue to control the order of their install line-up.

Tuesday, March 4th Update Details:

  • New features and improvements to the Xbox One Party and Multiplayer systems in preparation for the Titanfall launch on March 11th.
This is good news for Xbox One users.

It's been quite frustrating not being able to see and manage your storage space like you can on the Xbox 360. The ability to see your battery life is helpful, and the use of a USB keyboard for messaging will make things a lot easier until they come up with a messenger pad.

The new features and improvements to the party and multiplayer systems haven't been explained yet, but I hope they make it easier than it is now. Having to turn party chat on every time you go into or set-up a party is a bit tiring.

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Published Feb. 5th 2014
  • fatguyface
    It's about time for some of these things...Psyched for the USB keyboard support, I wonder if wireless keyboards will work..
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    Most definitely! Especially being able to view and manage your storage space! The keyboard feature is nice I agree. The wireless keyboard should work if it has a USB transmitter. I ended up using the SmartGlass feature on my cell for messaging to make it easier for me plus it didn't interrupt my game play.

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