Top 5 Impactful Moments in World of Warcraft

4. The Kiting of Doom Lord

The fourth in our list, the kiting of Doom Lord was a rite of passage in Vanilla WoW, but also one of the biggest trolls to ever commit in the early days of the MMO.

Normally the method of kiting, which is staying out of range of a mob while keeping its attention by attacking, was done by hunters who could attack and move at the same time. They would normally do it in groups, and even experienced players would solo this endeavor. But once reaching the main city of the Alliance, the non-player characters would then take over keeping the boss' attention, and all mayhem would break loose.

In most of these cities, you had players of all levels, and this boss was the top of the end game. Merchants were slaughtered, players being killed by areas of effect that they could not escape, and players one-shot by mechanics they had no idea were coming. The video above portrays the horrible, and yet hilarious, assault on Stormwind. Because of this trollish act, the developers at Blizzard brought about the idea of reset range for all mobs in the game. A mob had an area it could roam before it reset, and once a mob reached the edge, it would run back to its original point. With this change, the kiting of world bosses to major cities had ended.

Published Jan. 15th 2018

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