Booty Hunters iOS: A High Seas Adventure in the Palm of Your Hands

A new Pirate Adventure Game is in the works for iOS. Here's why you need to hear about it.

DisclaimerThe Author, Daniel R. Miller is the Lead Writer and PR Rep for Volite Games.

Andrew Palmer Martinson, the game's Lead Developer, attributes his inspirations for Booty Hunters to games like Uncharted Waters: New Horizons as well as his own life experiences in sailing. Over time, Martinson has brought in a young, diverse and talented team from all over the country to form Volite Games, a new start up company looking to bring something different to the Apple Marketplace.

Booty Hunters is a high seas adventure that lets players captain and develop their own pirate ships, while testing their mettle in an open oceanic world, filled with rival ships, legendary relics and buried treasure. The game is built to be a very customizable experience, allowing players to utilize their own individual playing styles by being able to play the game in a variety of ways and offers many hours of replayability.

Booty Hunters is a fresh take on mobile gaming and aims to incorprate mechanics from a multitude of genres ranging from RPG to Strategy and even Battle Arena. A player's ship can hold four abilities at a time that can be swapped in and out every time a player docks at a port.  With over 20 unique abilities to choose from, Booty Hunters encourages players to experiment and dive into the many systems the game has to offer.  The primary gameplay, Martinson describes, is made up of a branch the team calls, "Adventures". Adventures are the focal point of the Booty Hunters experience as it involves the exploration of the world and a large chunk of that game's satisfying naval combat while offering a variety of different challenges for players to conquer.

Attack: Players can take on the role of a mercenary by helping nations to expand their influence in order to gain additional coin for upgrading ships and notoriety in order to gain fame within the world.

Contraband: Players take a more stealthy approach by sneaking past patrols to deliver illegal goods to various ports.

Diving Party: Players take on the role of a guardian in order to protect a party in shallow waters who are hunting for sunken treasure.

Race: Players take on AI opponents in a sprint to uncover a hidden relic. Little does the player know that the enemy convoy is only half the battle, for they must also contend with the native tribe that protects the precious relic.

Retrieval: Players can gain positive influence by helping regular townsfolk search for lost objects around the game world. However, the player also has the option to not return the lost objects and keep whatever they find. This does not come without a cost as this course of action serves to increase the player's notoriety within the world.

Volcanic Panic: Players can play the role of hero by rescuing as many villages as possible in a given area around an erupting volcano before the area is flooded with lava. (see image below)

Booty Hunters is a game that aims to offers something new with an engaging world to the Apple Marketplace and the team at Volite Games is hard at work to deliver on that promise. Exploration is another major facet of Booty Hunters as there will be numerous ports scattered all around the world. Some of these ports will hold special upgrades and advanced ship classes that can only be accessed if the player has found that specific port. On top of all of this, players will be responsible for maintaining their crew whom they can upgrade and recruit from these ports, so finding time to go ashore is crucial to success in the world of Booty Hunters. When asked for a release window, Martinson has said that he would like the game out the door "early in 2015".

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Published Oct. 4th 2016
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    Trying not to giggle at the name and this is coming from an Amazon pirate mind you. I do look for anything in the piratey vein. Any action screenshots?

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