NieR: Automata To Receive New Costumes and Colosseum Challenges

NieR: Automata fans will be thrilled to discover that the game is set to receive new content that is coming soon.

Square Enix just announced today that fans of NieR: Automata will have more content to experience with a new piece of DLC that is coming soon. It will include extra striking costumes, brand new challenges in the Colosseum, bosses, and mor. 

The tongue twister that is "3C3C1D119440927" will be taking costumes from the Japanese release, NieR: Replicant, and giving players across the pond the chance to try them out for themselves. Androids 2B, 9S, and A2 will be receiving a makeover -- along with hairspray, various equipment, and other accessories for A2 and 2B's hair.

Sticking with the cosmetic theme, new masks will also be available, all with special effects that are revealed as they are equipped.

All players who own the DLC will be given access to records that will add a bevvy of special tracks to their jukebox. Unique bullets that in turn transform the appearance of enemy bullets will also make an appearance. 

There's no word on the DLC's price or release date in the West. All we know for now is that it's releasing on May 2 in Japan for 1,500 yen -- so we'll have to stand by for official word from Square Enix before anything is confirmed. 

Pictures can never do a costume true justice, so Square Enix was kind enough to provide some meaty gameplay videos that show off the new costumes, as well as the tantalizing boss battles:

NieR: Automata has been received very well by the public, so new content is something that many fans will be pleased to see. 

What do you think of all the new content coming to the game? Let us know in the comments below!


Published Apr. 17th 2017

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