Crazy Star Wars Battlefront PC mod makes visuals look exactly like the movies

Impressive. Most impressive.

Say what you want about Star Wars: Battlefront's gameplay, but one thing that cannot be disputed is that it's an attractive game. But one modder has taken it to a level of authenticity that borders on insane. Martin Bergman, an amateur coder who is also known for his work on the Grand Theft Auto V mod Toddyhancer, has taken his talents to a galaxy far, far away. And the results are absolutely astounding. 

Here are a few of the screenshots:

Bergman's work was recently highlighted on Reddit, and there are dozens more of these images on his Imgur page. According to Bergman's LinkedIn profile, he has worked at Activision as a QA and Localization tester. From the looks of things, Bergman's talents extend far beyond that job.

Quick Take: This is probably the most beautiful set of screenshots I have ever seen. I don't want to say that visuals are everything (they certainly aren't), but an upgrade like this might make me overlook a few of Battlefront's shortcomings.

Published Nov. 27th 2015

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