Kitfox Games' Shattered Planet Is Explorable on PC July 3rd

Kitfox Games' Shattered Planet Headed to Steam, Humble and Desura July 3rd!

It's been a long few months, but Kitfox Games is finally releasing Shattered Planet on July 3rd! For those of us who have the newsletter, we'll realise that this is a whole week earlier than we expected.

Shattered Planet will be launching on Steam, the Humble store, and Desura. Wherever you buy it from you'll be able to redeem it on Steam, so all those trading cards (eight at launch) and achievements will be yours. If you don't want to redeem on Steam, there will be a DRM-free option - more information to released soon.

What is Shattered Planet?

Who is Kitfox Games?

The Captain of Kitfox Games sat down with GameSkinny's Kate Reynolds to chat about a multitude of topics, including Shattered Planet, micro-transactions and more!

If you want to play Shattered Planet right now, which why wouldn't you? Then head over to the iOS App Store or Google Plays Store and pick it up, give the mobile version ago - it'll go a little way to preparing you for the full experience on PC!

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Published Jun. 12th 2014
  • dawgeth
    Looks like an interesting one - will be interesting to see how it converts from mobile to PC. A lot of games that start off on mobile I don't really have fun playing on the PC - they are heavy on mobile design, which is fine and well, but I like a more PC aimed control structure and design when I've got a mouse/keyboard in front of me.

    It'll be worth grabbing and trying though!

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