[UPDATE] Preorders Have Begun For Titanfall 20" Atlas Statue

Threezero opens up preorders on their Titanfall Atlas statue

Some of you will remember that I covered the announcement of this wonderful statue back on May 5th. Well on June 19 at 9am Hong Kong time Threezero officially opened up preorders for their 20 inch Atlas statue.

The Atlas Titan is the backbone of the IMC and MCOR armies. This statue is the best representation of that Titan. It comes with a 6 inch, fully articulated pilot armed with an R-101C Carbine. The Titan comes equipped with the XO-16 Chaingun with detachable ammo drum. However, statues purchased directly from Threezero will come with an ARC Cannon as well as the XO-16 Chaingun. This offer is exclusive to Threezero's site.

The list of features for this amazing statue are as follows:

  • model stands approximately 20 inches tall
  • incredibly detailed with over 100 points of articulation
  • 5 real pistons control the movement of the waist
  • comes with XO-16 Chaingun with removable ammo drum
  • fully operational hatch with cockpit
  • moveable armor plates on both legs and torso
  • light up feature for top part and cockpit with interchangeable red and blue lights
  • rotatable front vision ball
  • 2 side gun magazine case with fabric material
  • articulating fingers and toes
  • fully poseable 6 inch IMC Battle Rifle Pilot, which can be seated inside the cockpit
  • pilot comes with detailed armor parts, with R-101C Carbine and fabric clothing

The statue is estimated to ship during the first week of December and will sell for $430. Yes that is a good chunk of change. But if you are a collectible fan and a fan of Titanfall, this statue looks to be well worth the money. It is surely one of the most detailed and well articulated model statues I have ever seen. So head on over to Threezero and preorder you one so you can get your hands on the ARC Cannon.

Published Jul. 15th 2014

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