Remember Gunbound? You May Want to Try Mobile Clone Gungun Online

While direct clones are rare, Gungun Online is a near exact copy of Gunbound.

Gunbound is a fantastic free-to-play artillery strategy game, similar to Worms. Players will engage in fun battles in which you pit your mobiles against each other. Combat revolves around eliminating the enemies forces in a 2D plane. A progression system and social aspect kept players coming back for years.

Now, Gunbound is quite old, releasing originally in 2005 in South Korea. While there was an update in 2009, the game is close to dead. Luckily, a mobile clone known as Gungun Online is available on Android and IOS. Gungun Online is an engaging mobile strategy game that combines a mobile free-to-play game and Worms.

Gungun Online sets players against each other in 2D turn-based-strategy battles. Each player commands a set of "mobiles," vehicle units and seeks to destroy the other player's set. These mobiles are all unique, using different weapons and abilities when fighting. These are ripped straight from Gunbound and rely on strategic shots to remain effective. 

Speaking of taking content from GunboundGungun Online uses the same art style and even reuses specific artwork. They have the same maps and same "mobiles," without even changing the names. This is so blatant, that it may as well be a port of Gunbound to mobile devices. The sheer extremity of the copied assets could very well turn people away entirely. 

Gungun Online relies on social interaction, as playing with friends is infinitely better than playing with random people. The free-to-play elements cause it to have advertisements and microtransactions. Gunbound also had microtransactions, but not advertisements. This could turn away newcomers who are against free-to-play elements.

Luckily, Gunbound was well made -- so in turn, this clone is just as good. Combat slightly tests players' strategic sense, but is accessible to newcomers of all ages. Like WormsGungun Online thrives in the multiplayer environment even more with the ability to take it everywhere. For a free-to-play game, Gungun Online is a fine Worms-like title.

Gungun Online is available on Android and IOS for free. If you enjoy Gunbound, it's highly likely you will enjoy Gungun Online -- which is basically identical in all but name. 

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Published Jul. 5th 2017

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