Men arrested in almost Pokemon Championship massacre held without bail for four months

The two men arrested in a massacre plot against the Pokemon World Championship held in Boston MA are held without bail for four months after a dangerousness hearing.

With a massacre avoided, the two men from Iowa who threatened the Pokémon World Championship tournament in Boston are being held without bail for four months after a dangerousness hearing on September 1st, 2015 that took place in the Boston Municipal Court. 

Using social media as a source outlet, the Boston Police Department was able to apprehend the two men before they gained entre into the Pokémon World Championship on August 20th, which was held at the Hynes Convention Center. An online tip was given that lead the BDP to their social media posting, and a full cause for arrest.Charges of illegal gun possession and possible cyberbullying

The two men by the names of Kevin Norton 18, and James Stumbo 27, have officially been charged with illegal gun possession after the BPD recovered a 12-gauge shot gun, an AR-15 rifle, and roughly 300 rounds of ammunition in their car during their attempted registration for the event on August 20th.

"This wasn't just kid talk on the computer," - Judge Thomas Horgan

New information regarding the pre-meditation of the potential shooting surfaced after a chatroom log was discovered that Stumbo participated in, discussing the Boston Massacre of 1770 to the Boston Marathon Bombings and Columbine massacre. A hostile message took place during the chatroom which lead to Stumbo's ban after threatening to shoot a Pokémon World Championship participant from Missouri that was attending the Boston event.

"Oh okay that's fine then I will just shoot him on Friday thanks,"

- James Stumbo

While the charges of cyberbullying and mass casualty are still on the table for investigation, the outcome is looking very grim for the two men that traveled from their home town of Boone Iowa to "participate" in the Pokémon World Championship held in Boston.

Do you find the ruling fitting for illegal gun possession? What will the fateful outcome be for the two men that almost perpetrated the horrendous attacks? Will they be found guilty of cyberbullying and mass casuality?

Share your thoughts below on the almost-massacre of the Pokémon World Championship that was quickly avoided thanks to social media.

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Published Sep. 29th 2017
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    Can't believe how quiet this situation got once the event was over. Has there been any follow up?

    This could have been a horrifying scene. And he's like 2 f'ing 8 year old. Time to grow up. Not sure if prison is the best time to go from stunted child into manhood but it may happen whether he likes it or not.

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