The Skinny on GTAO: Sneak Peek Coming August 15

Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto is hitting the web in a major way, revolutionizing the series overall

If you're a fan of the controversial yet entertaining Grand Theft Auto game series, then you're just as excited as I am about GTAO (Grand Theft Auto Online)! According to, there will be an unveiling of "gameplay video and previews" under their Newswire section this Thursday, August 15. Comments below the article were bouncing all over the place concerning what time the revelation would take place and what kinds of features the game would have. Naturally, most GTA fans wonder what GTAO has in store for us!

Are we going to be able to make our own characters (like female characters) or choose from some already-made characters that Rockstar Games has so generously provided for us? Will the game run on real-time or a fast, game-generated time? Is there going to be an active "night-life" like there was in Vice City? Can our characters get fat or fit like in San Andreas? Be sure to check out the "world première" of Rockstar Games' new GTAO online gameplay this Thursday!


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Published Aug. 12th 2013
  • MyNameIsProjekt
    I'm pretty excited for GTA V to be released. I hadn't been paying much attention to any pre-release news about the game until recently, but GTA Online sounds fantastic!

    I really hope Rockstar Games is going to allow players to create their own unique characters with this, because playing as a pre-made character with few customization options was kind of disappointing. I also hope they bring back some of the RPG elements of San Andreas such as weight and muscle gain being affected by your actions.

    I will definitely be tuning in on Thursday to learn more about GTAO.
  • PencilPusha
    Yeah it's a really exciting thing to look forward to! And thank you for your great comment!

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