The Best 7 Match 3 Games on Android

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Androids have been around for a while now -- the phone, not the half human half robot hybrids -- and manufacturers have made major breakthroughs with the technology that drives them over that time. And that's not to mention the creative minds that have made apps for them, too. From movie and book apps to planners and calendars, the sky is the limit.

But on top of that, Android developers really excel at creating fun, playable, free games. And of those, Match 3 games are the best of all. They're ubiquitous and easy to understand. Anyone can pick them up and play. They don't need a huge manual or world map, either. 

So what are the very best Match 3 games on Android? Let's take a look at seven that could very well don that moniker. 

Published May. 8th 2017

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