Player reaches The Division level cap in 153 hours

After 153 hours of gameplay, Chaos 3SK reaches The Division level cap, just eleven days after release.

After playing Tom Clancy's The Division for 153 hours, Australian player Chaos 3SK is the first player to reach the maximum Agent and Dead Zone level. Chaos 3SK achieved this achievement on the 18th of March, just eleven days after the games release.

To reach the maximum level of any game is an achievement in itself. To be the first player in the entire world to reach the maximum level requires an astonishing amount of dedication and commitment to a game. The Austrailian player has clocked up a total of 153 hours in just eleven days.

That is an impressive thirteen hours of play time on average every day since the game's release on March 8th. Ubisoft announced the news of Chaos 3SK's achievement on the official Tom Clancy's The Division news page.

In the announcement, they assure the player that there is plenty of content to be released all throughout the year, linking to the upcoming updates and expansion page. With two free content updates and three major expansions scheduled to release throughout the year, it would seem there is going to be more than enough to keep Chaos 3SK busy.

With the first free update, Incursions, is set for release in April; the Australian player is more than ready for the new challenges it will bring. It is certain he will become the player everyone wants on their team. You can find more news on Tom Clancy's: The Division here on Gameskinny.


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Published Mar. 22nd 2016

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