New Apex Legends Season 9 Trailer Reveals Apex Legends: Legacy

The new trailer shows off more of Valk, the latest Legend to be added to the roster and introduces Apex Legends: Arenas.

The latest trailer for Season 9 of Apex Legends gives fans a better look at the upcoming addition to the roster, Valkyrie, a deeper look into how the game will continue to integrate elements from Titanfall 2, and the announcement of Arenas.

As we learned previously with the reveal of Valkyrie the Stories from the Outlands — Northstar trailer, Season 9 of Apex Legends will be available on May 4, 2021. 

You can watch the trailer for Season 9 below: 

The new trailer features every available Legend so far and shows Valkyrie fly into the arena before using her ability to send a horde of missiles raining down on her enemies. The end of the trailer also shows off Valkyrie's new bow, the first bow added into Apex Legends, and one that will be in it's own weapon class known as "Marksman." 

As Respawn has previously indicated, they will be integrating more Titanfall 2 into Apex Legends, and the new trailer also reveals that Season 9 will include another character (other than Valkyrie) with deep ties to Titanfall 2 with Ash, who seems to be the one "pulling the strings" on whatever the new form of battles will take in Arenas. 

Smaller arena style combat mixed with the incredible traversal mechanics in Apex Legends could potentially have an great effect on gameplay, and make a game already praised for it's fast-paced combat even quicker. Stay tuned for more. 


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Published Apr. 22nd 2021

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