Indie game Of Kings and Men released for Steam Early Access

Indie developer Donkey Crew launched third person, medieval combat game Of Kings and Men for Steam Early Access.

Indie game Of Kings and Men has been launched through Early Access on Steam for PC. 

The third-person, RPG game's early access will focus on combat systems and key multiplayers modes. The multiplayer mode in Of Kings and Men can now accommodate 200 players in battle. 

Created by indie developer Donkey Crew,  Of Kings and Men has developed the medieval-themed game in their own bespoke engine, which allowed them to create these large, stable battles. 

Florian Hofreither, Project Lead on Of Kings And Men, had this to say about the game's release:

"We believe that Of Kings And Men will write its own history. If the community joins us now in this journey, they will forever be part of our very first era."

Players who gain early access to the game will be able to experience the player-driven battles, capture territories and practice fighting skills through combat. Because elements of the game are still in development, throughout Steam's Early Access, players will be able to exercise different strategical elements to conquer lands through political, economic or military means. 

Until Sept. 1, Of Kings and Men will be discounted at 10 percent. Early Access to the PC game can be found on Steam.

Published Aug. 25th 2016

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