PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 22.2 Update Kicks Off 6th Anniversary

PUBG: Battlegrounds is dropping new content and a Message Event in celebration of their anniversary.

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS turns 6 this month and is kicking off the celebration with a new update. Along with the usual game adjustments, update 22.2 comes with some new items and in game anniversary items. Here's a rundown of what's included when the update goes live March 14 on PC and March 23 on consoles.

6th Anniversary Celebration

Starting with new environment items added to celebrate PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS birthday, keep an eye out on the billboards when in a match. Designed in collaboration with street art muralist Tristan Eaton, three new billboards are making an appearance. 

Image via KRAFTON, Inc.

Along with the billboards, a new contest has been started. The 6th Anniversary Message Event will take place until March 23. Complete a survey and include any questions you may have for the game team. At the end of the event, 100 participants will be randomly selected to win physical PUBG merchandise. Prizes include PUBG 6th Anniversary Metal Poster, Postcard, and Stickers. Winners will be announced on April 7.

New Care Package Weapon

Introducing the FAMAS, a new weapon included in the 22.2 update. An assault rifle coming with single, burst or full-auto modes, it is available on every map. Dealing 30 damage per shot, the FAMAS will spawn in Care Packages, Secret Rooms, Lab Camps, Supply Drops, and Pillar Boxes. 

Image via KRAFTON, Inc.

Intense Battle Royale Mode

A community favorite, Intense Battle Royale Mode is active again until March 31st. Based off regular battle royale mechanics, Intense Battle Royale is a simplified version allowing for faster games. Feel the late match intensity right at as you begin. 

There is more content planned for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS anniversary. Check back with our game page for the full details as they become available. 

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Published Mar. 9th 2023

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