5 Game of Thrones Battles You Can Recreate in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

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Game of Thrones.

All you need to do is say its name to spark a debate between its hardcore fans. Throughout its seasons, the extremely successful show has had its share of truly shocking moments, twists, gruesome deaths and of course, high-scale battles, all of which have been created in a way to evoke a strong reaction from its audience.

Many of the battles have been witnessed throughout the show’s history, and some have made more of a mark on fans’ memories than others. We’ve seen smaller scale, yet remarkably compelling fights as well as grand and bloody wars. Nothing appears to be out of Game of Thrones’ reach.

Plenty of gamers will be aware of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. This title, developed by just one man, provides resources for people to create any battle that their mind can conjure up, albeit with a few limitations here and there. Thousands upon thousands of units can be placed on one map and simultaneously attack as the battle plays out in its chaotic glory.

Now what if the creative among us could reimagine famous battles from our favourite games, films or TV shows. Game of Thrones is a prime candidate. The options are most certainly there, so what are some of the best battles that this game gives you access to?

Published Apr. 24th 2017

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