5 Game of Thrones Battles You Can Recreate in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

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The Battle of the Blackwater

Finally deviating away from Jon Snow focused battles, we have Tyrion in the limelight. This battle was a major turning point for many of the characters from the show, and Tyrion’s own heroism is hugely juxtaposed by the Joffrey’s inability to do... basically anything. The crazy explosion of wildfire was also visually stunning and something that ingrained itself into many fans’ minds.

Just like Ramsay, there would be no shame in allowing a weak Joffrey unit to be placed in the middle of battle for everyone to let loose on, but that treat was saved for a poisoned cup.

More cavalry units and powerful soldiers would help to bring this battle to life, and letting loose a nuke to end it on an explosive note would be akin to the wildfire. That level of anarchy hasn’t quite made it into the game yet, but with plenty more content to come, we may be seeing singed boats sooner than we think.

Published Apr. 24th 2017

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