Trials of Mana ??? Seed Locations and Farming

Where to find the guaranteed ??? Seed chests in Trials of Mana, and where you may be able to farm them effectively.

Getting those third-tier classes in Trials of Mana isn't quite the headache it was in the original Super Famicom game, but it can be a runaround if luck isn't on your side.

But before we get into that: Be aware that this guide contains spoilers! Continue at your own risk!


Ok, with that out of the way, we can talk about when you can really start working towards your third classes (meaning your second class change). This means acquiring ??? Seeds, which you can plant and receive a random class change item for one of your party members.

Changing your class again opens up at Level 38, but you can't actually start getting ??? Seeds until you start on your task to take out the Benevodons.

In the original game, you had to farm a fair amount of enemies for a chance to receive ??? Seeds. These generally had a low drop chance, and there were no indicators as to which enemies dropped them.

In the Trials of Mana remake, you get one guaranteed ??? Seed per Benevodon dungeon and certain enemies do still drop them.

The caveat here is you can get duplicate class change items from seeds, so you won't necessarily go through all eight Benevodon dungeons and get the items you need for the exact classes you want. I know on my first playthrough, I received three of one of Angela's class items, and I didn't even want that one.

There is one area where I received much higher ??? Seed drops than the others, so I'll go into where to farm them after we look at the exact locations for the chests in the first seven Benevodon dungeons.

(Note: I forgot to take screenshots of two ??? Seed chests on my first playthrough, the shots will be added in the coming days during my second.)

??? Seed Chest Locations

Shimmering Ruins ??? Seed Location

Labyrinth of Ice ??? Seed Location

Chartmoon Tower ??? Seed Location

Fiery Gorge ??? Seed Location

Woods of Wandara ??? Seed Location

This area has no map, but the location of the chest in question can be seen above.

Ancient City Pedda

This isn't a dungeon, but there is one ??? Seed found in a chest in Ancient City Pedda, which is tied to the story. It's fairly easy to find, hence no picture.

Where to Farm ??? Seeds

In my first playthrough's worth of experience (this section may change), the best place to farm ??? Seeds early in your Benevodon hunt is the Fiery Gorge.

While some enemies in all of these dungeons have a chance to drop ??? Seeds, I got far more drops in the Fiery Gorge than the others before going for that eighth Benevodon. I ran through each dungeon twice, to try to determine enemy drops with little success.

I'll have to test which enemies drop them in the Fiery Gorge, as I was unable to pinpoint the exact enemies that dropped them. However, I stand by my experience of obtaining three times more ??? Seeds there than the other standard Benevodon dungeons, and recommend it be your first dungeon to tackle.


Are you enjoying the Trials of Mana remake? Sound off in the comments below, and let us know which monsters you've found are the best source of ??? Seed drops. I'll be updating my findings, as well as the two missing location screenshots, in the coming days and weeks.

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