Season 6 of Fortnite Delayed, 400% Bonus XP This Weekend

Drop into a new season of Fortnite on September 27, and prepare with extra experience this weekend.

While the map Fortnite's map has continuously changed throughout development, a mysterious cube appearing in Loot Lake had players pondering if Season 6 was about to begin.

Although an in-game timer alluded to the beginning of the new season earlier this week, Epic Games announced on Twitter earlier today that the new season will release on September 27.

Because of the delay, Fortnite fans are getting some remedial love with extra experience all weekend. From now until September 24, all matches will award 400% extra experience.

Some additional expected updates for Season 6 are spacial audio updates. Responding to player feedback, Epic is patching some discrepancies between footsteps, audio tells for in-air movement options, and address cases where sounds don't play at all. 

Associate Editor

Published Sep. 21st 2018

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