The Top 10 Most Underrated Pokemon from Sun and Moon


This is Pokemon Sun and Moon's early-game Normal and Flying type bird. The first in the line, Pikipek, was the first Pokemon revealed and was well received at first. But then, GameFreak revealed ... this monster. It's safe to say its charm is an acquired taste.

However, Toucannon is a powerhouse sitting on top of 120 Attack, for a stat total of 485. It's another slow attacker, much like the rest of Generation 7, but it's strong attack power and decent defenses more than make up for it.

I suggest Toucannon with one caveat, though. Whatever you do, never use its signature move, Beak Blast. It looks good on paper, but after realizing it takes a turn to wind up, all of that went out the window. Instead, focus on moves like Roost, Pluck, U-Turn, Steel Wing or Swords Dance.

Published Nov. 20th 2016

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