New Biomutant Trailer Finally Shows the Game in Action

The brand-new Biomutant trailer shows off critters in action plus the game's gorgeous open world and more.

The last we heard about Experiment 101's Biomutant, the developer said that it hadn't been cancelled. THQ, the game's publisher, reconfirmed that during a recent Summer of Gaming livestream and went quite a bit further too, presenting a full nine minutes of Biomutant gameplay.

Biomutant's creative director Stefan Ljungqvist told IGN (courtesy of Gematsu) that the game is currently in the final stages of development. The biggest challenges now are providing balance between a completely open game and guiding those who might get stuck, while also doing the usual bug checks and fixes. There's still no firm Biomutant release date though.

The new Biomutant trailer gives us a glimpse at a bunch of different animal types spanning multiple tribes, ranging from frog royalty to something vaguely resembling a Lombax. It's the kind of anthropomorphic mashup you'd expect from a game about mutated animals struggling for survival.

On top of the animals themselves, the Biomutant trailer showed off some special wheels too, though that's definitely not a catchall term. One critter had a trolley of some kind, while another was sweeping the battlefield with a gold-plated clockwork hand that fires bullets when it makes a gun shape.

Speaking of combat, it looks like Biomutant has several different kinds. There is what's probably the main course of fighting against other animal tribes as you try to restore the Tree of Life. And there's also a fair few battles shown against giant monsters lumbering around Biomutant's gorgeous open world.

Getting ahead in combat means crafting the right gear, and we got to see some of Biomutant's crafting in the trailer. You'll piece together weapons from numerous different components, all of which add their own unique properties to the end product and affect how it looks.

You can check out Ljungqvist's full comments on Gematsu if you're interested. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Biomutant news as it heads our way.


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Published Jun. 26th 2020

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