E3 2014: Evolve Debuts A New Monster

A new monster for Evolve is revealed

We already knew about the four classes in Evolve (Assault, Medic, Trapper, and Support. We had seen different variants of the four classes. What we had not seen were the different monsters for players to choose from. Today at Microsoft's E3 presentation, Turtle Rock Studios revealed a new monster, and it looks like something from the deep.

From the deep

The newest monster in Evolve looks really similar to the Kraken, tentacles and all. The new trailer showcases the hunters battling the new monster, showing off some of the monster's might.

I can only imagine being able to control this beast, and now I am getting excited for Evolve's release later this year. I am curious to how this monster will play compared to Goliath, the monster previously shown. I am sure the monsters will play as different classes, as the hunters are able to.


Microsoft dropped more information on us about Evolve during the conference. Evolve will get a beta. However, the beta will only be open to owners of the Xbox One. PlayStation 4 players do not get to participate in the beta when it drops.

Also, when downloadable content comes out post-release, it will come out on Microsoft's system first. This gives Microsoft the edge when it comes to this great looking game.

Overall, I am impressed with what we saw of Evolve.

The game looks really amazing, and is definitely on my watch list. I am sure that as the game gets closer to launch that we will see more variants of the hunters and more types of monsters. I am curious to see what other giant beasts we can play as, and how they will all be different. I also wonder what types of maps and other hunters will also come into play.

Overall, what Microsoft showed off was impressive. I am sure we will see more before Evolve drops in October.

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Published Jun. 9th 2014

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