Dawn of Andromeda Gets Its Full Release This May

Take a look at Andromeda galaxy and establish a new empire -- Dawn of Andromeda releases a full access on Steam.

GreyWolf Entertainment and Iceberg Interactive have announced that their new Steam game, Dawn of Andromeda, will be getting a full release on May 4.

An indie 4X strategy game, Dawn of Andromeda take players to the vast Andromeda galaxy, where novel and exotic species live as civilians, outlaws, and pirates. Players become an emperor in the galaxy by creating new colony planets, establishing alliances, and building an army to defend their civilizations.

Dawn of Andromeda was released with early access during December 2016, and after gaining feedback from the Steam community, the developers include new features to this full release.

These features include new animated cut scenes, a stats screen after each victory, and more gameplay functions. It also includes a new scenario mode called Eras, which allows players to live in the shoes of another fraction.

GreyWolf Entertainment's lead developer, Mike Domingues, states:

“After much time spent gathering player feedback and suggestions from the Early Access phase, we are extremely excited to put the final touches on Dawn of Andromeda. We are truly confident that fans from all over the world will be able to fully immerse themselves into this galactic world we’ve worked so hard to create.”

Based on the early access version of the game, players start off by choose between eight fractions: Terran Union, Kalzur Federation, Ynan Commonwealth, Orolith Confederation,  Aethis Conglomerate, Sython Collective, Drekkos Order, and Ulkar Republic. But players also have the option to create their own race by selecting a flag, an appearance, and a type of ship.

After selecting a race, players then choose an objective, such as defeat or allied all factions, research enlightenment, or survival for a certain number of years. Players then choice how to start off with their colony from having no planet to an advance empire.

This real-time strategy game opens players to a map of  Andromeda, where they can observe and learn about the planets on each solar system. On those planets, colonies can be establish in order to build ships, find resources, and earn income. While managing these colonies, players must manage their research, level up their council, and interact with other races.

To play the early access version of Dawn of Andromeda, check it out on Steam.

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Published Apr. 24th 2017

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