Nintendo Attractions Coming to Universal Parks

Universal Studios to bring Nintendo attractions to its theme parks.

Congratulations everybody, it finally happened! Nintendo has partnered with Universal Parks & Resorts to create attractions based on their beloved characters. 

Although no set timeline was announced, the partnership is promising many new and "immersive" attractions, utilizing the uniqueness of each IP. This is the Nintendo's latest push to actively expand the licensing of their properties beyond the realm of gaming, as announced in last year's financial briefing.

The last time we heard Nintendo publicly speak about the idea of an amusement park was back in 2010, as a response to the growing rumor that such a thing was in development. However, Iwata confirmed that there were no concrete plans and that Nintendo's hypothetical theme park wouldn't just be rides with a Zelda or Mario skin, but would do something entirely different. The fact that Iwata agreed to the deal with Universal is a good sign that we're in for a rather unique treat. 

How excited are you about this announcement? Is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Nintendo in one theme park more than your nerd-dom can handle? Edit out the obvious squeals of excitement, and let us know how you feel down below. 

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Published May. 9th 2015

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