Ubisoft announces upcoming DLC release plan for The Division

Post-launch DLC announcement for Tom Clancy's: The Division

Ubisoft has released details for The Division's post-launch DLC, stating that there will be a variety of paid and free content, but have not confirmed the release dates.

Three paid expansions will be released "over the course of the year" and are automatically included in the DLC pass, the price of which has not yet been announced.

The first is called 'Underground' and will allow up to 4 player co-op beneath the streets of New York for some seriously intense action.

The second expansion is 'Survival' which has players, as you might expect, survive for as long as possible against enemy forces in a truly hostile environment.

Thirdly, we have 'Last Stand'. Although no details have been released as of yet, it could be assumed that this will involve some sort of last ditch effort to fight off enemy forces, perhaps having been pushed back to a final stronghold.

This news comes after Ubisoft previously announced that the Brooklyn area of New York will not be an accessible area at launch. It is unknown whether this will be patched in or not.

The Division's beta is currently running until the 31st so if you're interested in trying it out grab a code asap.


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Published Jan. 29th 2016

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