Ingress GS Report 1.0 // NIA Conspiracy with May Update & News

GameSkinny's 1st Report on the Ingress progress. Don't know Ingress? The world changed on Nov 1, 2012. Now, months later the fight continues...

Imagine This.

The things you saw around you weren't what they seemed. Imagine that our world held a secret. A possibly dangerous secret. One that had the power to control people's thoughts and minds. One that has been covertly controlled by a government agency that didn't want you to know these secrets.

Well, now imagine that this secret is called Ingress. 
I am going to let you in on this secret - which is something you need not imagine because it is real*. Ingress exists. You could even be right next to it right at the moment you are reading this, and not even realize it. It's happening all over our planet, anywhere and everywhere. The park your kids play at. Your neighbor's house. Your favorite museum. 
Enter Code.Name

The Niantic Project and the NIA (National Intelligence Agency) knew about Ingress and XM for a while. GS's own Mat Westhorpe first reported on it 5 months agoOnly recently has the world too begun to learn about it, thanks in part to Google (who often is at the heart of whatever is going on in the world). Exotic Matter or XM is a force all around us. It's everyone and in everything. It's not a tangible force. Much like Dark Matter, we don't even know for sure everything it is. We do know, however, that it has the power to influence or "hack" our thoughts...our minds. 

XM is strongest near monuments, statues, art, and anything that has a creative element. These areas form Portals. Portals hold a large amount of XM, and for those with Scanners you can hack these portals to gain control. To gain control of Portals means the possibility of control of any near or within their area.

>> //factionID/The.Enlightened 

There are those on Earth who hypothesize that humans get the idea to create the structures the Portals are made up of from Shapers - those beings who are the source of XM. They say the Shapers want us to think outside the box. That the Shapers give us Freedom. A chance to see the truth.

>> //factionID/The.Resistance

The other faction is determined to stop the Shapers. To fight against control, in any form. They claim that The Enlightened are wrong; that Freedom is only in not giving into the the Shapers. That we must resist them to defend our way of life. Our humanity. 

>>//May Updates

The Niantic Project was forcefully shut down, with one researcher killed, but Ingress and each faction is becoming stronger than ever. Scanner technology has been upgraded at key points since first made available to the public, and many new features have been added to help Agents in the field.

Some of the well known key players involved that continue to fight are Tyco, Klue, Misty, and P.A Chapeau, among others. Agents in the US, Russia, Europe, Philippines, Israel, and all around the world are also growing constantly with the aim to control Portals for their Factions. One of the last reported large gathering of Ingress Agents for May is the self named group EMT,  who gathered in Moscow. 

Additionally, an assassination attempt occurred on prior Niantic Project research subject Misty Hannah. During this time it was also speculated that Misty handed off some kind of information to Resistance Agent Klue.

A new project has also begun entitled "Agent Intel" which reports tips for all agents of any Faction via Ingress Report's unbiased news reports which are held every Thursday.  

Currently, for those interested in becoming an Ingress Agent you need a special code, which only unlocks devices using an Android OS. Rumors have spread that Scanners will eventually be adapted to be used on iOS as well; though it is unknown when or if this will happen. 

This reporter, for one, is currently anticipating that day. With our planet on the brink of this exciting, though albeit somewhat frightening, new world I cannot wait until I myself can join in the fight. Until that day comes we can only keep our eyes and ears open to the news of what our fate might be. 

I wonder, fellow Game Skinny members, how many of you have joined either side? Are you one of the Enlightened? Or do you defy the Shapers and fight for Resistance? 

After all, as Google has so adequately put it: "Our future is at stake. And you must choose a side."

*This report is given from a fictional point of view. Ingress is an ARG.

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Published May. 6th 2013

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