Unboxing the Zelda 3DS XL

A video has released from IGN where they are unboxing a Zelda 3DS XL. Look within the article for said video, and all the special details of this special edition.

The day is finally here, Zelda fanatics and console collectors. The guys at IGN have received a Zelda 3DS XL, and have uploaded a video of them unboxing it with all its glory. With the aid of older 3DS XLs lying around, they show how the newest Zelda edition will rock the socks off of all gamers.

Inside the Box

Inside the Zelda 3DS XL box, you'll be able to find the normal things such as manuals and instructions. The ticket inside the box that many gamers want would be the virtual download card for A Link Between Worlds, which everyone is looking forward to. Although you won't receive a physical copy of the game, it'll be great to take advantage of the digital copy edition.

The system itself looks very 'blingy' with a gold cover and inside panels, framed against black buttons. The gold part of the system has a very pale triforce, and the black bottom has a triforce mirroring the top. This could be a symbol to A Link Between Worlds, where it's Hyrule versus Lorule.

Power cable wise it looks the same, and in my perspective I think the Zelda 3DS XL looks a bit thinner than the white and black 3DS XLs they have on the table.

Above is the video straight from IGN.

Based off of the unboxing, I bet many people will be pleased with this new limited edition console, and treasure it for years to come. Who knows, maybe we'll find it on eBay in a few years. I hope to get my hands on the 3DS XL sometime, and feel the power it wields like the master sword.

If you plan on getting the Zelda 3DS XL or can't wait for it, comment below with your thoughts based off of this unveiling.

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Published Nov. 8th 2013
  • Romessa
    I liked your article. I am getting it tomorrow. I am very excited. I am 10 years old and an excited little primary child. I was told by my mommy if I didn't pee my pants I would get this. Guess what? I didn't pee my pants so I am getting. But i promise the day after tomorrow I will pee pants.
  • Romessa
    I am very happy to hear you didn't pee your pants. I ONCE pooped my panced before i became king. oh wait I'm Romessa ant i you

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