Team Cherry's Hollow Knight Made Kickstarter Goal

Action game, Hollow Knight, by indie company Team Cherry made its Kickstarter goal

Hollow Knight has less than 5 hours to go in its month long Kickstarter campaign though it already almost doubled its goal of $35,000 AUD. Team Cherry, based out of Australia, is the small independent company working on it as their first game.

This dark, whimsical world grabs inspiration from classic 2D adventure titles like Metroid and Zelda 2. It also bears resemblance to Valdis Story, as far as the fast-paced gameplay goes. Hollow Knight explores the underground ancient kingdom of Hallownest, rife with insects and flora, through the eyes of an enigmatic sword-wielding robed figure.

The game isn't linear. You can traverse the underground world taking any route you'd like, for the ultimate quest is a mystery in the begining. Battles can be won by learning the enemy's weak spot and utilizing the Hollow Knight's swift, fluid attacks.

A unique aspect of the game is the ability to Dream Dive, where you delve into the minds of allies and enemies to further investigate the strange, labyrinthine world.

Hollow Knight is set for release June 2015 and will be available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Wii U.


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Published Dec. 18th 2014

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