Night in the Woods Mobile Port Announced

The story-driven small town adventure game Night in the Woods will be receiving a mobile port some time in 2018.

Night in the Woods, the narrative-driven indie adventure game set in the small town of Possum Springs, will be receiving a mobile port in 2018. The game's developers, Finji and Infinite Fall, confirmed the port in a recent tweet by on the game's official Twitter account:

Night in the Woods revolves around the story of ac atgirl named Mae, who has just returned to her small home town of Possum Springs after suddenly dropping out of college for reasons that aren't immediately clear. As she begins to reconnect with her friends -- the best she can -- and see how much has changed at home, she suddenly finds herself entangled in a possibly supernatural conflict that may threaten her and everyone she cares about.

The gameplay takes a serious backseat to the game's story, as the experience is primarily narrative-driven and based on uncovering the mystery. Though there is still gameplay to be had in the form of different mini-games that range from shop-lifting to knife-fighting and band practice, your primary means of exploration are running and platforming around the town. 

Night in the Woods will be coming to iOS devices in 2018, with no other mobile platforms confirmed at the time of this writing. You can watch a trailer for the game right below.



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Published Oct. 25th 2017

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