Leviathan: Warships is Out and Its Trailer is Too Good

So many puns, so little time.

Paradox Interactive and Pieces Interactive's turn-based naval strategy game Leviathan: Warships was released yesterday with little fanfare, which is a shame for two reasons:

  1. Paradox is one of those rare publishers willing to take a risk.
  2. The game is actually very fun. (Review pending.)

If you're not quite sure what Leviathan: Warships is, take a gander at the slow, jazzy, shippy trailer above to get a vague idea of how the game's battle and ship-building systems work.

The PC and Mac versions of the game are now on sale for $9.99 through several digital distribution platforms. It will be seeing a release on Android tablets and the iPad on May 2 for $4.99. Check out the official site for more information!

Associate Editor

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Published May. 1st 2013
  • Clay
    Featured Contributor
    I love the trailer. I will get it just for that awesome video.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    Okay, this pirate definitely loves her ship to ship combat and this game looks purely that. Please tell me the puns are relegated to the trailer only.
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    Pretty sure they are relegated to the trailer! Though they have
    done a pretty great job of drumming up interest.

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