Mafia 3's release is next week!

Hanger 13's long-awaited title Mafia 3 is scheduled for release next week!

Hangar 13's long-awaited title Mafia 3 is scheduled for release next week. Mafia 3 is a third-person action-adventure game. It is the third installment in the Mafia series. It is published by 2K Games and scheduled for release October 7th.

What is Mafia 3?

The game is set in 1968 in the city of New Bordeaux, a fictional recreation of New Orleans. You take on the role of Lincoln Clay. Clay is an orphan and a Vietnam veteran. After being discharged from the military, he is inducted into the black mob.

After his first assignment, the mob is ambushed and he is left for dead. After recovering from his wounds, he sets out to rebuild the mob and get revenge on those who nearly killed him. On their quest, players will have to interrogate enemies and capture locations from the Italian mob. The game will also feature a cover system, stealth tactics, and a backup mechanic.

What are Mafia 3's features?

Mafia 3 has a number of interesting features including:

  • New Bordeaux, a re-imagined 1968 New Orleans - A vast, diverse and seedy open world ruled by the mob and corrupt officials and richly detailed with the sights, sounds and emotionally-charged social atmosphere of the era.
  • An unintended and lethal anti-hero - Be Lincoln Clay, an orphan and Vietnam veteran hell bent on revenge against the Italian Mafia for the brutal slaughter of the black mob, the closest thing to family he’s ever had.
  • Revenge your way - Choose your own personal play-style, from brute force and blazing guns to stalk-and-kill tactics as you use Lincoln’s military training and gathered intel to tear down the Italian Mafia.
  • A new family on the ashes of the old - Build a new criminal empire in your own unique way by deciding which of your lieutenants you reward, and which you betray.

The game is looking to bring players into a 1968 world full of crime and corruption. As to how you go about your revenge is entirely up to you but one thing is for sure, the Italian Mafia are not going to know what hit them.

Enter a world of crime and corruption

Mafia 3 is aiming to give players an opposite perspective to that of L.A Noire. L.A Noire allowed players to take on the role of a police officer attempting to do justice in a city run by criminals and corrupt politicians. In Mafia 3 players are thrown into a similar world but from the perspective of a criminal. It certainly is looking to being an interesting title.

Mafia 3 is scheduled for release October 7th on PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4.


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Published Sep. 26th 2016

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