The 6 Best Easter Eggs in The Evil Within 2

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The original The Evil Within, which was released in 2014, had plenty of secrets and easter eggs hidden throughout its world. But surprisingly, none of them really referenced any of Bethesda's games other games, which was weird since the company is known for putting a lot of self-referential items into (a lot of) their games.

However, with the release of The Evil Within 2, the situation has changed, and now you can fully experience all the easter eggs from the most popular Bethesda games in different chapters of TEW2's storyline, such as those from Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Doom, and other Bethesda franchises.

Some of them will be super obvious, while others may elude even the most experienced players. So don't hesitate: go find them right away!

Published Oct. 17th 2017

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