The 6 Best Easter Eggs in The Evil Within 2

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The original The Evil Within, which was released in 2014, had plenty of secrets and easter eggs hidden throughout its world. But surprisingly, none of them really referenced any of Bethesda's games other games, which was weird since the company is known for putting a lot of self-referential items into (a lot of) their games.

However, with the release of The Evil Within 2, the situation has changed, and now you can fully experience all the easter eggs from the most popular Bethesda games in different chapters of TEW2's storyline, such as those from Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Doom, and other Bethesda franchises.

Some of them will be super obvious, while others may elude even the most experienced players. So don't hesitate: go find them right away!

Wolfenstein Easter Egg in The Evil Within 2

In Chapter 3 of TEW2, you will find yourself wandering around the game's main Residential Area. You need to look out for a parking lot for trucks at the back of the storage facility, one of the first spots that you'll want to check out in the game. 

One of the trucks on the lot hides a neat mechanical toy in the back. It is not a usual toy, however, but instead an exact replica of the "Tank/Armored Dog" from Wolfenstein: The New Order.

These robotic Nazi hounds usually have several forms, but the one referenced in The Evil Within 2 is its earliest iteration. You can see this easter egg's location in the video above. 

Dishonored Easter Egg in The Evil Within 2

In the same Residential Area as before, you will find an abandoned train car on the western edge of the map. You'll need to search the car to progress in the story, and on one of the seats, you will find an item from Dishonred 2 -- Corvo's Mask.

Unfortunately, it is only a collectible item and you cannot really use it in the same way Corvo Attano does in Dishonored 2 (which is a bit of a shame because those powers would come in handy for some of TEW2's more difficult sections). There it possessed a telescopic function, allowing Corvo to view far-off objects and target enemies at long range. 

You can see this easter egg's location in the video above. 


Quake Easter Egg in The Evil Within 2

From the last TEW2 easter egg, head in the opposite direction and go to the eastern edge of the Residential Area. Look out for buildings that have roof connectors and climb on top of one such building. There you will find a little souvenir from the Quake series -- the Rocket Launcher, or as it's more widely known among Quake players, "RL."

Quake fans know too well that this is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It is actually so potent that it can insta-kill an enemy with a single precise hit.

The version in The Evil Within 2 is a much smaller replica of the original weapon and designed only as the collectible. You can see this easter egg's location in the video above. 

Fallout Easter Egg in The Evil Within 2

In Chapter 6, you'll need to pass through The Marrow and fight one of the ugliest bosses in the history of video gaming. The cool thing is that you can skip the fight and run away through a series of corridors. 

As a result, you will end up in an abandoned storage room with crates scattered around. Behind one of the crates, you will see a classic Fallout Vault-Tec Bobblehead. You could find similar statues in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, and they would give you bonus skill points.

This specific statue referenced in The Evil Within 2 would add +1 to your character's Charisma, but alas, it's nothing more than an easter egg. You can find its exact location in the video above. 


Doom Easter Egg in The Evil Within 2

After The Marrow, you'll be headed to the Business District in Chapter 7. In the backyard of the Safe House, you'll need to locate a garbage tank. Get inside the tank and grab one of the cutest easter eggs in the game -- the DoomGuy.

This little fella could already be seen in Doom 4 as one of the game's easter eggs, and people liked it so much that Bethesda decided to include it in The Evil Within 2, as well.

If this trend continues, then you can also expect to see this action figure in other future Betehesda releases. You can find its exact location in the video above. 

Elder Scrolls Easter Egg in The Evil Within 2

Before going downstairs in Chapter 12 inside Sebastian Castellanos' house, visit a room at the base of the stairs. You will immediately notice a shiny item on the cupboard -- the Ouroboros.

This specific symbol represents The Elder Scrolls Online and the “three alliances in conflict” theme that acts as the central element of the series. Most fans of the TES series simply believe that it symbolizes infinity, but as you see, the real reason behind the aesthetic of the Ouroboros is deeply engraved in its plot. 

You can find this Easter egg's exact location in the video above. 


There you have it: all of the best Easter eggs in The Evil Within 2. Most of them are well-hidden, but they're well worth finding if you're a hardcore Bethesda fan. 

Interested in locating all the possible collectibles in the TEW2? Need more tips, tricks, and strategies to get you through the game? Make sure to check out the dedicated guides page here at GameSkinny.

Published Oct. 17th 2017


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