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Mostly The Bad And The Ugly!

Haemish here.

I am SO TIRED of SO MANY things with this game. If the game was a tad bit less addictive, I would have quit long ago.


First off, what is with the fact that Riot has 3 servers? I mean I hate it when there is a language barrier between teammates when you get in-game. I have nothing against people from different ethnic origins, but dammit, it jeopardizes the team's communication. On the NA server, which is pretty much the only one I am talking about here, the main problem I have is that there are almost 1-2 Brazilian or Hispanic players in every game that I play. And their English, no offense, is terrible.

Matchmaking System

Also, the matchmaking system is terrible. I was told that for Normal games, there is some sort of hidden skill system which rates players. If there is one, it sucks. Riot has to make a better one. I can't really complain about the League system for ranked matches. It works. It's longer to climb the ladders than with the ELO system but at least there is no "ELO HELL" equivalent.

Champion Balance

Last but not least, champion balance. I find it stupid that even the pro players have a "tier" system in which they class champions from best to worse depending on their roles and such. I know asking Riot to balance 130+ champions is a near-impossible task but if they are making as much money as everyone thinks they are, hire a freaking scientist or something to make this shit even. I find it REALLY dumb how Darius can just get a penta-kill with one ability. There are other issues related to this but I could literally go on forever.

To conclude, Riot Games is lucky that their game is eSports friendly and that it's addictive because if it weren't for those two attributes, in my opinion, the game would be going nowhere. I feel as if Riot should be working harder than ever to please us, the players, considering we are paying their paychecks.

Haemish out.

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Published Feb. 23rd 2014

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