Don't Bank On Pokemon Bank Just Yet

A rolling update coming out in January 2017 will give players the option to transfer Virtual Console Pokemon to their copies of Sun or Moon.

Yesterday, The Pokemon Company announced that one of its most popular games Pokemon Bank will be getting an update Sometime in January 2017. A crucial tool for die-hard Pokemon fans, Pokemon Bank is a staple in for current-gen Pokemon collectors. An update was supposed to arrive this fall in anticipation for Pokemon Sun and Moon, but The Pokemon Company announced that they will be delaying  the release of the next iteration in the service.

Another feature that was supposed to debut this fall was Pokemon Bank support for the virtual console releases of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. Players will be delighted to know that Pokemon caught in the Virtual Console versions of these games will be able to be transferred to the bank and then into Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon  thanks to a future update to the Poke Transporter application.

The Pokemon Bank application is a versatile and most needed tool for any Pokemon trainer worth their salt. Pokemon's longest standing fans understand how daunting it is having to worry about catching the seemingly infinite amount of Pokemon; 'we' grew up with 100-250ish monsters to worry about, and when the technology of handheld gaming evolved, there was a disconnect between the old and the new games.

Pokemon Bank, however, has begun to bridge the gap and make it possible to catch them all again. GameSkinny writer Kate Reynolds explains in her Pokemon piece about how important this Pokemon Bank business really is. What it all boils down to is this: well before the advent of wireless Pokemon gaming, trainers had to use cables from one console to the other, meaning that players would have to catch dummy Pokemon to make even trades.

Barring special event Pokemon, trainers will soon be able to catch them all. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are bridging the gap between classic and contemporary players, bringing Red, Blue, and Yellow into the modern age. Now that the option exists, will you finally become the Pokemon Master? Let us know down in the comments.

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Published Sep. 25th 2016

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