Top 5 Greatest Girlfriends

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1. Marle

Chrono Trigger

Boy, Chrono Trigger has a lot of things that could make #1 on a list, doesn't it? Well, here's another one: Marle, the marksman, cleric, ice mage, exiled princess, and greatest girlfriend in the video game universe. 

First of all, how cool is it that they made the healing party member have some sass in this game? In other games they always make the cleric be some gentle girly-girl, but not Marle: Marle is the rudest, boldest, and most vicious of the whole Chrono Crew. She'll back-talk dinosaur kings and shoot cosmic horrors in the face with nothing but her trusty crossbow. Or by dropping an ice mountain on it.

But that's not the reason she's the best girlfriend: the reason Marle Guardia is the best girlfriend of all time is that she climbed an Eldritch-spawn-infested demon-mountain from the future so she could bring her man back from the dead.

This game had the balls to actually kill off Crono, the main protagonist. Marle had the bigger balls to defy time itself to bring him back. It's a long quest line, and that mountain is hard as shit. But she was not only willing but driven to fight her past hordes of bosses, up a frozen post-nuclear mountain, and snatch her love from the jaws of the devourer of worlds. And afterwords, help you kill that ugly bastard. That is some love, dedication, and outright badassery. If I had a girlfriend and got blasted to atoms by giant deer-tick Cthulhu, my ass would stay dead. Because that girlfriend would not be Marle.

Honorable Mentions

Elena and Cloe, from the Uncharted series

Skylar Sinclair, from The Saboteur

Berri, from Conker's Bad Fur Day

Silvia, from the Viewtiful Joe series

Lucy and Nix, from Infamous 2


Anybody else? Who else is an awesome video game girlfriend?

Published Jul. 14th 2015

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